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5G network testing plays a crucial role in the development, deployment, and operational excellence of emerging 5G networks. 5G testing is performed for the improvement of 5G coverage by verifying the lightning-fast download speeds, super-low latency, and expansive coverage density. The testing process of 5G network coverage witnesses an increasing demand nowadays - evaluating network performances like speed and reliability KPIs. Here comes a non-traditional 5G testing software like RantCell software that has been developed, because the traditional testing method is more expensive and time-consuming.

RantCell is a 5G network testing tool reliable for performing 5G deployment tests - designed in such a way that helps operators, vendors, and RF engineers in performing the test (5G) with non-traditional techniques such as through a mobile-phone-based app/software. RantCell helps in making the testing process more convenient and faster and makes sure that the end-users can get an improved network connection on 5G coverages. Some of the benefits include the pro app supports 5G NSA measurement (suitable for drive testing and static testing), validates outdoor and indoor measurement based on floor plan data, generates reports in near real-time and real-time upload of QoE data from the app to cloud with no post-processing efforts, etc.

The RantCell (Pro app) use to perform networking tests by verifying expansive coverage density, super-low latency, and lightning-fast download speeds with a cost-effective solution - Pro app is a SaaS-based solution used to perform networking tests by verifying expansive coverage density, super-low latency, and lightning-fast download speeds with a cost-effective solution. It is a smart 5G RF drive testing and monitoring tool that you can simply install RantCell pro app on any Android 5G phone to conduct the test. Thus, the telecom operators with the RantCell app can conduct an accurate performance in 5G testing and by using any smartphone device (iOS and Android).

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